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I was up in SF this evening to see a high school friend who was in town.

Coming home this evening on 101S, I was cruising in lane 2, tailing someone who was just about at my threshold for wondering if they were drunk: a bit inconsistent in speed, and slightly drifting in their lane. I eventually moved over to lane 1, intending to pass, and as I was doing so, I noticed a CHP cruiser move over to lane 3, about to pass them as well. (Who knows how long CHP had been tailing us...) I lifted off the gas, coasting down to the speed limit, and wondered to myself if the CHP would notice/care about the driver in front of us, but just as the CHP was about to pass, they seemed to reconsider, and tapped their brakes, pulled over into lane 2, and flipped on their lights. OWNED.

Not even ten miles later, I was again cruising along in lane 2, when I saw another CHP cruiser pass in lane 4 at high speed, clearly in pursuit. The cruiser crossed over to lane 2 ahead of me and quickly caught up with some traffic ahead. I then watched as the car immediately in front of the cruiser moved to lane 3, and as the cruiser followed to lane 3, I knew what was going to happen next. The car and cruiser both moved to lane 4, went below a dip, and by the time I saw them again, the cruiser's lights were flashing. I'm guessing in this case the driver was speeding? OWNED.

In any case, a very exciting drive home.
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