Harsimran's Wedding

Sep. 16th, 2017 10:42 am
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Photos from Harsimran and Neha's wedding in Atlanta in September 2017


Sep. 16th, 2017 02:58 pm
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Posted by Alan V

Last weekend, I went to my manager’s wedding in Atlanta, flying in Friday and flying out Monday. You’ll also recall that Monday was when Irma was supposed to hit Atlanta. So that was fun.

The wedding itself was awesome. It was my first Indian wedding, and it was really colorful and full of delicious food and happy people and was generally a great time.

I also had some free time on Sunday, so I hit up the World of Coca Cola. It was an interesting experience… I think it was intended more for kids, as it was set up kind of as a super-high-tech amusement park with different “rides” that you walked through. Like the “Vault”, holding the original copy of the Coca Cola secret recipe, was after some videos and displays of historical artifacts, a game where players had to chase down a man with the recipe, and then the “vault room” that was a 360 degree promotional video that dramatically revealed the vault door at the end.
Still, it was an interesting experience, and was worth visiting once. The best part was probably the tasting room where they had different coke products from different continents, so you could taste what exotic flavors were being consumed around the world.

Still, the entire weekend was kind of filled with dread of being stuck in Atlanta for a couple days due to Irma. I spent my free time glued to the Weather Channel, looking up path and severity forecasts for the hurricane, and seeing what options there were for sleeping and working within the Atlanta airport.

In the end, it didn’t matter, because Irma weakened more than expected, and my plane took off (8 AM on Monday) without incident. I hear that basically all flights were cancelled after 1 PM, and the entire city also shut down for the day, so I count myself pretty fortunate that I got in and out without incident.

More photos of everything are at photos, as usual.

CMUQDB #4489

Sep. 15th, 2017 06:05 am
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-!- mode [-o sully] by ChanServ
< pcd> sully: but srsly why did you op
< sully> to threaten to ban people for puns
< pcd> oh, cool
< pcd> I was right
< bgates> sully: Who knows, maybe redox reactions will help you in EVE somehow
< pcd> well they are introducing new refinery facilities
< pcd> but I think the relation reactions have to real chemistry is "literally nothing" at best
< mrwright> (... and at worst?)
< bgates> mrwright: Actively sabotaging the field's body of work and research and setting civilisation back
< labbott> chemistry requires a good analytical mind which will help you with EVE
< bgates> labbott: You are reminding me of my high school physics teacher who loved to remind everyone that doing well in physics translates to doing well in business and other real life skills.
< bgates> Something something the analytical skills you learn while doing physics are what employers in companies really care about so when they look at your transcript they don't care about your math grades but whether your physics and science grades are good
< pcd> I think "the ability to make memes" will help you a lot more
< sully> don't let your dreams be memes, pcd

CMUQDB #4488

Sep. 14th, 2017 11:30 pm
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< pcd> I like the video where they dump barrels and barrels of sodium into a lake
< jbenedetto> pcd: oh right the US Gov. disposing of its sodium stockpile lol
< pcd> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY7mTCMvpEM is the sodium video
< pcd> they were at least smart enough to use an alkali lake
< rbraun> "Several dozen passing motorists stopped to watch as a gentle mist of corrosive sodium hydroxide came down. The Army paid for repainting the cars."
< rbraun> man those were the days
< rbraun> when the military just paid cash for their own fuckups
< mrwright> Yeah, it's nice that they didn't just lye about it.
< labbott> that's a pretty basic joke mrwright
< mrwright> still got a good reaction!
-!- mode [+o sully] by ChanServ
< mrwright> sully: wat
< pcd> bans for puns, mrwright
< rbraun> sully: wat
< pcd> were you not aware of our new policy
< mrwright> So sodium hydroxide was raining down. Sounds like they...
< mrwright> dropped the base?
< bgates> All your base
< bgates> base
< bgates> base
< labbott> OH-
-!- mode/#cslounge [-o sully] by ChanServ


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