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Today's question: will I ever stop confusing Dreamwidth's favicon with Debian's?
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It seems like everyone is finally making an exodus from LiveJournal over to Dreamwidth, so I figured it was time to follow suit. You can find me at https://jgrafton.dreamwidth.org/. (https! on a journal! what a time to be alive!)

Looking through the journal styles gives me flashbacks to high school. A part of me is elated that they're just as ugly as they were back when LiveJournal was popular in the early 2000s. :)

LJ has been largely a read-only experience for me for quite some time, so it's not clear that I'll be posting much (if any) over on Dreamwidth. Still, that'll be where to find me if I do.
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Who still reads this?

Of those who still read this, who hasn't yet followed me on Google+ or Twitter or Facebook, where I am far more prolific these days?
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I was up in SF this evening to see a high school friend who was in town.

Coming home this evening on 101S, I was cruising in lane 2, tailing someone who was just about at my threshold for wondering if they were drunk: a bit inconsistent in speed, and slightly drifting in their lane. I eventually moved over to lane 1, intending to pass, and as I was doing so, I noticed a CHP cruiser move over to lane 3, about to pass them as well. (Who knows how long CHP had been tailing us...) I lifted off the gas, coasting down to the speed limit, and wondered to myself if the CHP would notice/care about the driver in front of us, but just as the CHP was about to pass, they seemed to reconsider, and tapped their brakes, pulled over into lane 2, and flipped on their lights. OWNED.

Not even ten miles later, I was again cruising along in lane 2, when I saw another CHP cruiser pass in lane 4 at high speed, clearly in pursuit. The cruiser crossed over to lane 2 ahead of me and quickly caught up with some traffic ahead. I then watched as the car immediately in front of the cruiser moved to lane 3, and as the cruiser followed to lane 3, I knew what was going to happen next. The car and cruiser both moved to lane 4, went below a dip, and by the time I saw them again, the cruiser's lights were flashing. I'm guessing in this case the driver was speeding? OWNED.

In any case, a very exciting drive home.
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I've bought plane tickets! I arrive in Pittsburgh on the afternoon of Wednesday the 14th of April, and I fly out late afternoon on Saturday the 17th of April.

Lodging is still somewhat fuzzy, but it sounds like I'll be able to crash somewhere. I guess I can't be particularly picky.
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There's a LiveJournal in my Buzz!

Edit: and apparently it propagates changes? That is frickin' cool.
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I guess it's time for another rather infrequent life update.

I have been working as the Assistant Stage Manager for the Palo Alto Players' production of Romeo and Juliet the last few weeks, continuing through next weekend. It has been pretty awesome! I missed doing tech, and it's really good having something outside of work to occupy my time as well. And now that I'm doing theatre proper, I'm learning quite a bit too. Plus, the play is pretty awesome, as are all the people working on it. Overall a win.

If you will be in the Bay Area this weekend or next, you should check it out! Obligatory link for more info.

Other random updates include that I am flying back home to Virginia for Thanksgiving this year; I fly in Wednesday morning, and fly out Sunday morning. (Between striking R+J and flying back east, the week of Thanksgiving is going to be very exciting...) It should be a grand old time, with lots of family (my brother's wife's family is coming, I believe, plus all the regular friends and associates), and I'm planning to go to the TJ04 5-year reunion as well. (Kinda freaky that it's already time for a 5-year reunion.)

I don't think I have much else to say besides this. Work keeps me busy, though it's fun, so I can't really complain.

I still haven't figured out what I'm doing for the Christmas/New Year's holidays, though I am reasonably sure I am returning to Virginia at least for Christmas. Ideas?

In closing, a surprise in Mountain View. )


Jul. 30th, 2009 10:59 pm
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This evening on twitter, some accidental lulz happened.

It all started when a coworker brought his "brand new" Polaroid camera to dinner, and took a picture of a few of us.

pics behind the cut )

Edit 2337: I volleyed back!
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For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I am now in Pittsburgh and will be here until next Sunday, the 19th.


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Incredibly useful advice for LJ paid users who use iPhones or Android devices: a sane custom style.

Of course, it is too much to expect LiveJournal themselves to write a style like this; LiveJournal is effectively in maintenance mode now anyway.

That is all.
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So, it seems that the current battery in my laptop really is dead - it doesn't hold a charge at all anymore, nor does it charge. Fine; I ordered a new battery.

This is what arrived today. I don't think I'm going to use it.
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Not even ten years ago I believed that homosexuality was a sinful choice, an abomination. Weird and wrong.

Now, in the last month, in my first real foray into politics, I donated to the campaign against Proposition 8, defending gays' rights. I rallied alongside a busy street in Campbell days before the election. I marched in a nationwide protest for equality this past weekend along with thousands of others. (My sign: "Straights for Equality" / "Separate ≠ Equal") And this is just the beginning.

Change can happen. Just remember to love, not hate, since hate achieves nothing.

Congrats, Prop 8 supporters. You just mobilized a national gay-marriage movement. Enjoy your victory. It won't last. (from mattmay on Twitter)

[I really thought the politicking here would stop after the election... oh well.]
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Since my last post on the matter, there has been a good deal of progress - No On Prop 8 has raised a significant amount of money, has bought out quite a bit of ad spots, and polls are showing voters slightly favoring opposing Proposition 8.

Unfortunately, as of this week, supporters of Prop 8 have started a massive funding rally, and they are catching up. With only a few days left before the vacation, it's important to keep the campaign against Prop 8 rolling.

I just donated again. Will you?

(Please recall that any US citizen is eligible to donate.)
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Dear Lazyweb,

The battery in my Lenovo T60 died about a month ago - it no longer recharges - and has now trickled down to 4%, even though I've had it plugged in the whole time, and there hasn't been any power loss in my apartment.

Obviously, I need to replace it, but the official Lenovo battery is $expensive. There are off-brand versions available various places online, it seems - do any of you have any recommendations there?

PS I am never buying a Lenovo again, and I suggest you similarly avoid them.
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I was going to post about this a few days ago, but then [livejournal.com profile] psifenix had to go and scoop me on it. Ah well, the more the merrier. [I realize the union of friends between me and him is fairly large, but redundancy never hurt anyone.] [livejournal.com profile] badoingdoing also makes some good comments.

Next month, Proposition 8, "Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry", is on the ballot in California. This proposition, if passed, would amend the California constitution revoking the recently granted rights of same-sex couples to marry.

Polling was initially looking hopeful, with the "No" side having a slight lead for many months. However, a massive scare-tactic ad campaign by the "Yes" side, funded heavily by outside sources, has taken its toll in the last few weeks, and recent polls show the "Yes" side ahead by 5 points.

Here's where you come in. As just noted, any US voting citizen can donate to the campaign to get the truth out. I realize most readers here are students, and thus on low incomes, but even a few dollars can help. Plus, as noted by [livejournal.com profile] psifenix today, HRC will match any contribution: Donate, and then tell others. Link to this post or copy the text verbatim, if you'd like.

Furthermore, if you know anyone registered or eligible to vote in California, make sure they vote this season, and vote Proposition 8 down. The results of this election could have lasting effects, outside California even, for many years to come.

More info: No On Prop 8 Home

[steps down off the soapbox]
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Hooray Google.

(Apologies to those of you who already saw this from [livejournal.com profile] stalkingmsd.)
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Really pointless LJ poll:

Note: assume well-prepared, good coffee, not any of that instant crap or anything.

[Poll #1207500]

(ps if you answer anything other than "Delicious!" you are wrong :)
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3032 miles later, I have arrived to my apartment in Mountain View.

(I actually arrived about 6 hours ago, but only recently got my laptop out.)

(Also, new car [2008 VW GTI] is awesome.)
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So, I guess plans sorta fell apart, and my cross-country riding person will be unable to join me, as he's dealing with moving himself.

Anybody want to accompany me across the country starting sometime next week? (I realize the answer here is almost certainly no.) Oh well.